you need
  • - program PCKeyboardHack.
Being in the text edit window, press the Alt + Spacebar.Check whether the switch worked layout.Alt key role in the iMac to basically perform key CMND (⌘ may be used to refer to it).
If you want to assign the change to a different language keyboard command key, download and install the utility PCKeyboardHack.After it is installed, restart the operating system.When it loads, go to System Settings in the program.
find the item responsible for setting and work on your computer keyboard.In an open window, click on the configuration menu, and modifier keys Caps Lock to cancel any action.
Save the changes, but without closing the window, click the Settings shortcut keys.Open "keyboa
rd and text input" and look in the window menu select the previous input source, it can mean "following", but the fundamental difference between them.
Double click mouse button by the combination, which is used for this command.Then press F19.In some cases, it fails and becomes inactive window, in this case, simply repeat the operation.If you got it right, then remove the icon Simulate F19, if you use it (in case if there is no keyboard keys), as it is more you do not need.
Return to the main menu of system setup program PCKeyboardHack.Check the box on the left Change Caps Lock, and the right to change the value from 51 to 80. After that, save all the changes done by using the application, and then restart the operating system.Check whether the switch layout is now using the Caps Lock.