you need
  • laptop, video card, screwdriver
first try to set the size of the video memory either in the BIOS, or Video Settings Windows (usually an increase in graphics memory laptop is due to operationalmemory, but in this case, the card must include memory combined with RAM).
second affordable way to self-increase of video - a replacement video card is only possible if the laptop has a dedicated graphics card, that is constructively performed on a separate board that contains the graphics processor (or chip) and memory chips.The card itself is
inserted into the slot of the motherboard and a pair of fixed screws, but to get there, need to disassemble the laptop.
To do so turn off the power, remove the battery and the top cover above the keyboard, hiding screws of its fastening and screen hinges.Loosen the screws you opened the keyboard.
Lift the top edge of the keyboard and disconnect the ribbon cable by releasing the fixing brackets.On the right is the video card cooling system.
Remove the screen, disconnect the ribbon cable and the antenna array module Wi-Fi.Remove the screws and hinges of your mobile computer "beheaded".
Free other connectors and unscrew the screws holding the upper frame of the housing.Turn over the rest of the laptop and remove the screws on the back side around the perimeter, not forgetting the screw located under the battery.You will see on the left cooling system CPU and north bridge, and on the right is the video card, which is easily removed by loosening the four shiny screws.
Remove the card and then can set a new one.Insert the card straight, without deviations, slot AGP (or PCI-E, if the card supports the connection of PCI Express).Apply a bit of effort in the slow installation of the new device.This is necessary to ensure that the two sides of the card firmly entered into the slot.Attach the new card with the help of screws.