Tip 1: How to lubricate the notebook cooler

With prolonged use laptop , accumulation of dust inside the unit can not be avoided.It may not be the best way affect the operation of the cooling system, which subsequently will cause the computer to overheat and quickly damage it.Moreover, one of the main reasons is precisely the analysis of notebooks pollution coolers .
you need
  • Laptop, special kulernoe oil, thermal paste
So to oil cooler laptop , you should know the basic principles of analysis of laptops.This is important because each model may have a different method of assembly.Read the detailed instructions for your model.Carefully unscrew the external screws laptop and remove the keyboard panel.Once you reach directly to the cooler, remove it from the heat sink.
Before lubrication cooler, it must be cleaned as well as the adjacent cooler layer of accumulated dust.It is advisable to do a conventional vacuum cleaner or blow pump.Next, remove the sticker in the center of the spiral cooler.Beneath it is a smal
l hole, closed with a rubber stopper.This hole leads directly to the motor of the axis and the bearing portion.
Dial into the syringe a little special oil which can be purchased at almost any store of computer accessories.Then, taking a syringe or pierced cap slowly enter into the oil.In no case does not inject it - let the oil leak on the axis of the bearing.
Now we have to install the cooler in place.Before that uniformly apply a layer of thermal paste on the outside, rests on the surface of the processor heat sink.Reassemble the laptop and immediately let it run.

Tip 2: How to grease cooler laptop Acer

quality mobile computer cooling system ensures stable operation of the important elements of the notebook.Timely service allows fans to extend the life of these devices.
How to lubricate the cooler Acer laptop
you need
  • - silicone grease;
  • - Phillips screwdriver;
  • - cotton pads;
  • - metal blade;
  • - tweezers.
Find out what kind of cooler is not working properly.To do this, the program Everest, run it and open the menu "Sensor."Find the equipment whose temperature is higher than normal.
Turn off the mobile computer.Disconnect the device from the mains.Turn the laptop case and remove the battery.Now unscrew the necessary screws from the housing of the mobile computer.
Remove some devices that interfere with normal body disassembly.More often than not to tamper need to remove the hard drive, memory modules and the DVD-ROM drive.
Carefully separate part of the body from each other.It is better to use a metal spatula.If you do not have such a tool, use a screwdriver with a flat tip.
Lift one side of the body and disconnect several cables.This process must be carried out with tweezers or small pliers.
6 Remove the lower part of the body and find the right fan.Disconnect the power cables and adapters for this device.Remove a few screws and remove the cooler.
Sderite sticker with the fan blades.Remove the plastic plug.Using tweezers or needle pull locking gasket and rubber ring.Then remove the blade from the shaft.
Wipe with cotton pad axis and the fan blades.Apply a small amount of grease on the axis of rotation.Install the blades and scroll through them a few times to distribute the lubricant.
Replace the retaining ring and gasket.Put on the cover and attach the cooler to the radiator.Assemble the mobile computer in the reverse order.
Turn on the laptop and after 20-30 minutes, run Everest.Check the temperature of the item.
Good advice is worth noting that not all laptops require regular intervention for lubrication coolers.Some of this is not necessary, and some models quite often start to make noise and bask.


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