you need
  • computer operating system Windows XP, a screwdriver.
first method by which we can try to log on.The window to enter the name, just enter the "Administrator", and in line to enter the password then press Enter.The fact that most users after installing the operating system creates a user profile, and the profile of the administrator is.Moreover, this profile is not visible either on the Welcome screen, or in the list of profiles in the operating system.
second way - to log in without a password.Turn on the computer.Wait until the passw
ord entry screen, and then press the combination of keys "Ctrl + Alt + Del + Reset".The Reset button is located on the computer.After that, reboot your PC, all passwords will be reset and the system will boot in normal mode without a dialog box for entering a password.
Another way to log in without a password.It is associated with clearing the BIOS settings.Disconnect your computer from the electrical outlet.Unscrew the fastening bolts of the system unit and remove it.Now look for the battery on the motherboard (the usual round battery installed in the motherboard) and remove it from the slot.Wait about five minutes, then set the battery back into the slot.Thus, the BIOS settings will be reset.Close the cover of the system unit.
Turn on the computer and wait for the operating system.It should boot normally.If a dialog box where you want to choose a user name and password appears, just leave the line blank and enter the password, press "Enter".