you need
  • Laptop
  • Screwdriver
  • new battery
First, you certainly need a new battery.Get it today quite simple: it is possible, using the internet to order on the official website of the manufacturer or a specialized online store.And you can go to one of the hypermarkets of electronics - even if there would be the desired model of the battery, you can order it.
When a brand new laptop battery is already in front of you, release it from its packaging and verify that the contact that the battery is connected to the contacts laptop free of debris and dust.
Turn the notebook over and place it on a flat surface "face" down.Remove t
he dead battery.
If the battery is secured with bolts, remove them using a screwdriver.
4 Insert a new battery in the laptop.Usually, getting the battery into the slot followed by a click.If the battery is attached with screws, tighten them again.
If you replace your laptop battery is still discharged quickly, contact the service center - most likely, it is not a dead battery, and an internal malfunction of the laptop.