you need
  • computer running Windows 7
to change the whole theme of all or some of its components, in Windows 7, you need to open the section "Personalization".It is available from the Control Panel, which can be opened via the Start menu.Another option to access the settings of registration: right-click on the desktop and select Personalize from the menu.
Personalization menu, you will see a list of topics.To apply the selected layout, simply click on it with the mouse.
themes in Windows 7 are presented in several categories.Uppermost - "My Content".These are the styles that you created and saved themselves.If you make changes to an existing theme and save
it as a separate style, these changes appear as "Unsaved theme."There is also a INSTALLED THEMES - are those that were already included in the operating system of your computer manufacturer or its developers.Base simplified theme - a legacy of the past, they have been created in order to improve the performance of your computer is not too powerful.
Separately located in setting the theme Aero.This new design created for Windows 7, it includes transparency effects, as well as the fact that some items are displayed in the style of glasses (the effect of Aero Glass).In the background you can set a few pictures that will be changed one by one.Aero Style not available in all versions of Windows 7, but only in the Corporate, Professional, Ultimate and Home Premium.To find out whether you can use the theme Aero, open the Control Panel, select System.There, on the very first opened tab, the version used on your computer Windows 7.
You can not change the whole style of Windows 7, but only some of its elements.The menu changes Personalization available for items such as the desktop background.You can set a single image, but you can slide collection.The color of the window is also available to change, adjustable transparency, brilliance and the tone.You can use the built-in sound schemes or create your own, you can completely turn off the sound.It also set the screen saver is used.