most common laptop problems is to set up and connect to a Wi-Fi-networks.So before embarking on possible solutions of this problem, you must first check whether the configured connection itself properly or not.

What is the reason?

fault may be, for example, a router that is used by the user or the operating system itself.The most common reasons for which Wi-Fi is not displayed or does not see a laptop, can be linked to the fact that: Wi-Fi-router is hung or is not configured, can be a variety of problems with a device that connects to Wi-Fi, Internet access is blocked by a firewall or Antivirus and DHCP on the router does not issue IP-address.


to determine the cause and then fix the problem you want to check the router.To do this, restart the router to see and did not show any network in the li
st.If it still does not happen, then you must disconnect the network cable from the router and move it to the appropriate connector on the laptop.

This will check whether it comes from the Internet service provider or not.If the Internet is not received, then the matter directly to the service provider, but otherwise, you need to configure the router.To configure it needed to go to the address, or, depending on the model of the router.

If all settings are OK, then you need to update or install the driver for the network adapter.They can be easily found on the Internet, but it will take to learn a model.To do this, open the "Control Panel" and select the menu "Device Manager".In the list you want to find the item "Network Adapters."Here is a list of all network devices running on the computer, and to find a Wi-Fi, should choose, where there is the phrase "wireless device ...".After searching for and install all the drivers Wi-Fi network should be displayed.

In the event that none of these methods did not resolve the urgent problem, then most likely the problem lies directly in the device, which is trying to find and connect to a wireless network.To check this, you can buy an inexpensive USB-adapter for Wi-Fi or have a friend take it and install it on the laptop.If the problem really is this, then he will find wireless networks.