Tip 1: How to return a standard theme Windows

«Subject" in the operating system Windows - a set of graphic elements to design the system interface, complete with an individual sound scheme of system events.Distribution is the default OS is supplied with a number of such schemes, of which the user can select the most suited him.However, users of all versions of Windows are not available for such a luxury, but not all have puzzled problem and return to the original variant of interface design.
Start by clicking on the background image on your desktop, right-click, if you return the standard theme Windows XP version is required in this system.In the context menu that pops up at this, select "Properties".Control the selection is placed on the first tab ("Themes") window that opens ("Display Properties") - is a drop-down list labeled "Topics."Open it with the mouse or by pressing the shortcut keys alt and down arrow, and then select from the list the theme that you think is standard for your version of the operating system - for example
, click the line "Classic."Then click «OK» button or "Apply" and the system will change the look and sound design graphical user interface according to your selection.
If you are using a later version of the operating system (Windows Vista or Windows 7), after clicking on the background image desktop, click on the menu section "Personalization" and there item "apply the standard theme Windows".This will be enough for the regular passage of the operation to return to the basic theme of your operating system.
If the restore operation is a standard topic in normal mode does not work, then you have several options to return everything in place.One of them - the last play of the correct working versions of the system from the point of recovery.Other - use the installation disk of the operating system, perform the operation installation in update mode.The third - to try on their own to start or restart the service that is responsible for the correct operation.To do this, click on the icon "My Computer" right click, select "Control" and get in the left pane, run the component section "Services and Applications".Open it up, locate and then click in the right pane of the line "Topics" and then in the middle pane, click on "Start" or "Pererzapustit."

Tip 2: How to restore the default theme

theme of Windows - it's not just a background image on the "desktop", but also a certain kind of icons, made in the same style, a set of sounds, a separate color scheme andstyle font for windows folders and programs.People love to experiment with new themes downloaded from the Internet, and then can not restore the default theme .
How to restore the default theme
If you are installing a new theme you do not break the standard display of Windows, use the window "Display Properties".Call it in several ways.First, right-click any blank area of ​​"desktop" in the drop down menu select "Properties".Second way: through the "Start" menu, call the "Control Panel" in the category "Appearance and threads », select "Display" icon or task "Change theme".A new dialog box.
In the dialog box, click the "Themes".In the category of "Topics" using the drop-down list set the library any standard theme Windows.In the category of "sample" for clarity, will be displayed new chosen theme.Click "Apply" and close the "Display Properties" by clicking on the X in the top right corner of the window or click OK.
In that case, if the standard topics in the "Display Properties" is no longer displayed, restore them in another way.Through the "Start" menu, call the "Control Panel."In the category of "Performance and Maintenance" select "Administration", by clicking the left mouse button.In the opened folder, select the "Services" - will open a new dialog box.
In the window "Services" using the scroll bar Scroll down the list and scroll to "Topics."Select the line by clicking the left mouse button.After selecting the item "Threads" in the right part of the window will be available to the team that you can set the system.If the service on your computer is not active, select "Start service".In that case, if the service is already running, click "Restart the service".Restart the computer.After this standard topics will be restored.
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