you need
  • computer with the operating system Windows.
to find the file hosts, you must open the "Explorer Windows», go to the root of the system drive and open the folder in the following path: WindowsSystem32Driversetc.Run the file by double clicking on it.In the window that opens, select the program with which to open the document.It is recommended to use a text editor such as "Notepad" or Notepad.
In the document you will see a list of domains that have been made by you or by the system.Standard list usually consists of several lines: first, the lines beginning with the characters "#", and secondly, containing the address themselves directly (through the value
If the document can not b
e opened with standard programs, it is recommended to change the properties of the file.To do this, right-click on it and select "Properties".In the window that appears, uncheck the item "Read Only" and click "Apply" and "OK."
To add a string , create an exception for a specific site for, you want to copy a string « localhost» and insert it on the next line (press Enter).Localhost is to be changed to the domain of the blocked site.Thus, the line takes the following form: some cases, the domain should be reported to the www - it is usually characteristic of the older sites.
Now press the key combination Ctrl + S, to save the amended file hosts.Restart the computer if you want to check the operation of the file.To cancel the blocking of the website you want to remove all line with its domain name from this file.After removal of the specific address a problem is found impossible to maintain such a file.In this case, you must completely remove the file and restart your computer.