Use code 0176 to insert icon degrees in text documents.To do this, press the alt key and hold it, enter this code on the numeric (optional) keyboard.While you type code, the screen will not change anything, and when you finish and release the alt, the icon will appear on the site ° indicated by the input cursor.
Start component "symbol table" of Windows, as an alternative to the method described above the insertion of the symbol.This can be done, for example by pressing a keyboard shortcut win + r, typing charmap and clicking on the button Enter.The symbol table in the
window that opens, find the degree symbol, double-click it and click "Copy."Then switch to the window you are editing a document and paste the copied character (ctrl + v).
Use the key combination opt + shift + 8, if the operating system you are using, belongs to the family of Mac OS.It is this combination of hot keys assigned to it to be inserted into the documents icon of a degree.
Insert hex 00B0 (B - English letter) if you are working with documents in a word processor Microsoft Office Word.This code corresponds to the designation of degrees in Unicode table, and the Word is able to work with such notation symbols.By setting the insertion point to the location of the text, which should be a sign of a degree, enter the code, and then press the key combination alt + x and a word processor will remove from the text of these four characters, placing instead a badge °.
use symbolic language primitives html, if the degree symbol to put into the hypertext document.For the text of the web page will display the sign, it is possible to place the character sequence & amp; deg;or & amp; # 176;- Both of which form one and the same icon °.