you need
  • - computer;
  • - program WINCRIS.EXE;
  • - program Phoenix_Crisis_Recovery;
  • - program Crysis disc;
  • - online.
For example, you have the model Acer Aspire 7520. To make the BIOS recovery configure the system.To do this, prepare a working computer or laptop where Windows is installed and the drive there.Must be available USB-drive dump BIOS.Find Internet utility that will create an emergency floppy WINCRIS.EXE and Phoenix_Crisis_Recovery.exe.You can download it on the site
prepare all the necessary work, you can begin to restore the BIOS.In the running computer, create an emergency floppy disk with one of the provided utility.It should be written to dump the
BIOS, which has bios.wph.You should have written three files and only these: MINIDOS.SYS, PHLASH16.EXE and BIOS.WPH.The battery on the laptop must be disconnected.Then, connect the USB-drive.
Insert a recorded diskette.Press two keys, which will be selected for initialization.Begin the process of reading the information from a floppy disk.It takes a little time.Then wait until the laptop turns off.Then turn it on.The download process begins.If this process is unsuccessful, then we need to go in the BIOS, reset all settings by pressing F9.
can be done differently.Download Internet Crysis disc.Take the USB-stick and record the downloaded file on it.Download the archive with the BIOS, that will suit to your laptop model.The same record on a flash drive.Then paste it into the laptop.Run the desired files.Press Start.Remove the battery from the laptop.Connect the USB flash drive and simultaneously press Fn and Esc.Without releasing them, connect the power supply to the network and turn on your laptop.A few minutes later the recovery process is completed.The notebook will restart, and it will be possible to insert the battery back.