Switch the numeric keypad (to the right on the keyboard) to Number mode.To do this using the Num Lock key switch green light Num Lock.
you need to know how to type characters are not displayed on the screen.Any character from the keyboard can be "express" four digits - code.Characters that are not on the layout, also have their own codes.Note the typed character that does not exist on the keyboard, for example, with the code 160:
- Press Alt, and, without releasing it, press the numeric layout of 0160;
- release the Alt.
You will receive an invisible character that looks to you like a space.
With the mouse, activa
te the desired shortcut and enter the mode to rename one of two ways:
- click on the right mouse button to open the menu, select "Rename";
- press F2.
Rename the shortcut so that the name consisted only of invisible characters.For most fonts, such characters are spaces and symbols that represent the code 0160. This is true for the font "Tahoma", which is the default for the labels under the icons.When writing a note that:
- spaces at the beginning and end of the name Windows deletes, so the name can not consist of only spaces;
- at the beginning and end of the name must be characters with the code 0160;
- paste between any combination of spaces and 0160;
- the names of the files in the same folder must be different.
text name became invisible, but maybe he was stressed or "highlighted" desktop background.To remove the underline text, run component "Folder Options."This can be done in two ways:
- "Control Panel" = & gt;"Folder Options";
- in any open folder, select the "Tools" = & gt;"Folder Options."
On the "General" = & gt;"Clicking the mouse", turn off the option "Underline icon titles."
To remove the background, go to "Control Panel" = & gt;"System" = & gt; "Extras" = & gt;"Speed" = & gt;"Settings" = & gt;"Visual effects".Tick ​​"Drop Shadow icon on the desktop."