Tip 1: How to synchronize laptop and computer

Create and set up a local area network formed by the two devices, there is no difficulty.When it comes to laptop computer and , this can be done in several different ways.
First, let's look at the easiest option - the creation of a wired connection and a laptop computer.In this case, you need a network cable the desired length.
2 Connect the network adapters and laptop computer together.Both devices will be a new local area network.But as a rule, a computer and a laptop combined with a particular purpose.Most often it is done for the rapid exchange of data, or for general Internet access.In this case, you must configure the network.
Consider the situation when a computer is connected to the Internet and want to provide access to it from the laptop.Open the properties of your internet connection.Click the "Access".Allow your computer, create a local network to use this connection.
Open the settings for the network adapter that is connected to the laptop.Ask fo
r a permanent (static) IP-address, the value of which is
Open the same menu laptop .Specify the IP-address, which will coincide with the first three segments of the computer's IP, such as enter the IP-address of the first computer in the third and fourth field of the menu.They are called the "Default gateway" and "Preferred DNS-server".
If you do not want to use the sync cable to a laptop computer, then purchase the Wi-Fi adapter.Connect the equipment to the computer and install the drivers for it.
Open the Network and Sharing Center.Go to the menu "Manage wireless networks."Select "Add".In the next window, select "Create an ad hoc network."Ask the network name, security type and password for it.The following menus enable sharing for the network.
Activate search for wireless networks on a laptop .Connect to the access point you created.If internet access is not available, disable the firewall on the computer .

Tip 2: What is a file synchronization

In the case of the user information that it needs to be transferred from one computer to another, it may be necessary to transfer the data used without additional devices, such as Flashbe a chart or a disc.To solve these problems there is the data synchronization process.
What is the synchronization of files
Synchronize the files - a process in which two or more folders contain the same files.When you add, delete, or modify any file in the same folder, when you synchronize it will be added, deleted or changed in any other folders.

other words, the mechanism for synchronizing files is designed to work with data from different jobs simultaneously, without the use of removable media - flash cards, or drives.

The actual result file synchronization is the synchronization of the same version of the file with the most recent date of its creation or change of all synchronized folders.

How to synchronize files and folders?

essence synchronize files is to record on one of the so-called cloud services, allows you to synchronize files, and then move the user data to the server of the service.

Currently, there is the rapid development of cloud services, which are in the fight for members provide a variety of additional services.On average, the services offer up to 10 GB of free cloud space for file synchronization.This volume is sufficient to store the most important information.

most popular storage service is Dropbox, SkyDrive, Yandex Drive, SugarSync, Cloud Drive Mail.ru and Google.
In order to synchronize all the devices must be installed on each of them a special program, which can be downloaded in one of the services.This program will create a custom folder in which to store all the documents.They will be pumped into a special storage on the Internet, from which will be available to the user anywhere in the world.

by synchronizing can provide the identity of files on different devices that are connected to the same cloud service.For example, information on changes in one of the files on the server, the file is automatically updated on all computers connected to a synchronization service.

benefits of data synchronization

main benefit of synchronization - data protection.Even if the damage or loss of a computer flash card, the documents will be stored safely on the server.

also sync opens up new possibilities for easy file sharing between users.To do this you need to send a link to the required document, after which it it will be available to another user.

Another key benefit is the ability to synchronize data with the same data on different devices without worrying about its constant postponement.
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