you need
  • Windows 7 or Vista.
documentation OS Windows ¬ęstandard icons" is called a limited number of desktop icons, which refer to the components of the "Network", "computer", "basket", "Files user""Control panel".If the problem is that the desktop is gone, they return to the place of all the components is possible through "Personalization".Click the background image of your desktop, right-click and select with the same name in the popup context menu.
Open parameter setting system icons by clicking the link "Change desktop icons" - it is placed in the left column of the window personalization.In the upper section of a
single tab in the window that placed five checkboxes, each of which is responsible for displaying a system icons - Check those of them that you need, and click OK.
If you change the display of all or most of the icons of the GUI operating system and want to return them to the default appearance, too, to make it possible through the component "Personalization".Open it as described in the first step of the method, and then scroll to the end of the list of available themes.You need a section called "Basic (simplified themes and topics with high contrast)" at the bottom of the table.This section should be a topic titled "Classical" - select it, and the OS will use the best available standard of her icons.
There are more radical method to return the standard icons - roll back into the past to the point where it has been used just such icons.They need to use with caution, as it is likely to lose valuable information and programs written for the last time.But if you decide to use this method, press Win and type keyboard "Voss".In the main menu, a list of links to programs and files, the very first line which is "System Restore" - select it, and will launch the Recovery Wizard.
Select one of the restore points from the list.Focus on the date when this - choose the one where you think the icons still have the desired look.Then click "Finish" button and follow the instructions on the screen.