you need
  • - computer;
  • - removable USB-drive;
  • - antivirus software.
Open "Control Panel", select "Folder Options."Click the "View".You'll see a big list of additional attributes for information.Scroll through the list to the end and in the menu "Hidden files and folders" check the box on the item "Show hidden files and folders."
Click "Apply" button, then click OK.Also find this menu, you can open through any folder on your computer by the top of the panel "Services" select "Folder Options", then follow the above-described algorithm.If you want to change the display mode, simply che
ck the box to the previous position.
Open "My Computer" and then "Removable Disk".Hidden halyards on it will be displayed as translucent icons.If you want to change the property of the mapping file, and make it visible, then click on the right mouse button and select "Properties".In the window that opens, uncheck the attribute "Hidden", click "Apply" and OK.
If you are not sure that your USB-drive is not available malware and virus files, it is best to do the check for those at the very beginning of work with flash cards.Suitable any anti-virus software with the current databases, but it is best to download the anti-virus utility Dr.Web CureIt.It does not require the installation and it starts opening the protective screen that prevents the spread of viruses in the system's boot sector.The results of a virus scan you will be informed whether your removable media, viruses and malware.
Often, even when the function display hidden files and folders can not be seen without a special anti-virus software, so you should always have on hand a program with updated databases.Also suitable program-antitroyany and other utilities.