you need
  • can of compressed air, brushes, thermal grease, a ventilated rack, screwdriver.
system laptop at work significantly heated.That is why in any computer cooling system installed.But over time, the laptop starts to overheat and deliver considerable inconvenience.It is best to install right out of the tool, with which you will be able to continuously monitor the temperature of the system.It is very easy and does not spend a lot of resources.If your laptop is overheating above the norm, then there are several ways to eliminate this phenomenon.
Try to configure power-saving mode.Note that the laptop is heated only when it is used.Adjust the system for optimum use.Set the interval after which the laptop will go into sleep mode.Note that turning off the screen also helps reduce heat.Check out how much resource use program that runs in the background.Leave to work only those that you need.
Another way to lower the temperature - to raise the rear end a little notebook.Vents is usually below or keyboard.Picking up a little notebook, you will ensure a more intensive air circulation and lower the temperature of the system.
Buy ventilating stand.Usually, it is powered by a USB-port.Its essence lies in the fact that it installed additional cooling fans that help cool the body and provide the additional air flow.Note that it should be used only when the laptop is running on the network, such as the rack consumes a lot of energy.
Regularly clean the cooling system.Over time, the fan blades collected a lot of dust contained in the air.This dust begins to interfere with the normal operation, so the fans are starting to cool the laptop is worse and the temperature is steadily growing.For cleaning is necessary to remove housing parts covering the fan, to gain access to the cooling system.Clean the entire system via brushes and spray with compressed air.
also need to change over time, the thermal grease.It is the link between the CPU and heatsink.If the thermal grease begins to lose its quality, it ceases to conduct heat.Replacing the thermal paste - a simple process, so you can do it with your hands at home.However, if your laptop is still under warranty, you must include it in the service center, due to unauthorized intervention not void your warranty.