you need
  • Laptop, installation disc.
Purchase a license Windows.This can be done in almost any computer store.
Installation CD
Charge laptop.Turn it on.When the press the Del key long until you go out into the BIOS (it's blue or gray window with English letters).
Go to the Advanced BIOS Features and arrows to select the sub-First Boot Device.Press Enter.Then select the CD-Rom and then press Enter.Save your changes, insert the disc with the operating system and restart the laptop.
When will the first window, select "Install".Since we set up the operating system on a blank notebook in the next window, click "enter".Then open the license agreement.It must be taken by pressing F8.In the next window, you
are prompted to action with a hard disk.To continue, press C, by creating a new partition.
Select Format the partition in the NTFS, because it is the best option.Further installation will continue automatically.After a while, the laptop reboots.At this point, once again, load the BIOS and restore the settings that are changed.That is, go to the item Advanced BIOS Features, select the First Boot Device, place the HDD, save your changes and reboot the notebook.
After the operating system will open a window for entering the serial number.Find it on a Windows box and enter in the appropriate fields.In each subsequent window, press on until until the window will open prompting you to enter a name and organization.Be sure to enter your name or username.It is necessary to create your account.Again click "Next."
Then the program will be installed automatically, you do not have to do more.During installation, reboot the notebook a few times, do not pay attention to it.When you see that on the screen there was a standard desktop, it will mean that the operating system is installed.