Tip 1: How to install Windows xp on a new laptop

purchasing a laptop, many point out, there comes with it the operating system.Laptops without operating system Windows, as a rule, are cheaper than with her.Windows Setup can be performed both from the hidden partition the hard drive laptop, and with the external media.
Even if you purchased a notebook with a preinstalled operating system Windows XP, it will still need to be set.This is done quite simply.To install Windows XP with a hidden partition simply connect the laptop to the mains (the laptop does not turn off during the installation due to the end of the battery), and press the power button.When you first turn the notebook Windows XP installation with hidden partition will start automatically.Watch carefully for the installation, it is exposed in the course of all the options (including regional).During installation, the computer must repeatedly restart.After installation, the screen should be the desktop operating system.The notebook is ready to use.
If your computer is shipped without Windows XP operating system and has an optical drive, the most convenient way to install the operating system on the notebook will be installing from a CD.To do this, turn on the computer and enter the BIOS (by pressing F2, F9 or F10, depending on the brand of laptop).In the BIOS, locate the tab "Boot Device" and adjust the download queue so that it was the first CD-ROM.Insert the disc into the drive and restart the computer.After the reboot, you will have to press any key on the keyboard to start the operating system to boot from the disc.Select the partition HDD, on which will be the installation of the operating system, if necessary, by breaking a physical disk into logical.After installation on the computer must also be the desktop of the operating system.
Installing Windows XP from a flash card is similar to installing from a CD.The only difference is that in the BIOS the first in line to boot must be USB-device.Windows XP installation files stored on a flash card with the help of special programs.

Tip 2: How to put XP on a laptop Asus

Some users prefer to use the Windows XP operating system instead of the newer and modern analogues thereof.The problem is that when you install the OS on the laptops may be a problem of absence of some drivers for the hard disk.
How to put XP on Asus laptop
you need
  • - nLite.
solved this problem required the introduction of a set of drivers to the image of the installation disk.To begin, create the image.Use the program Daemon Tolls or Alcohol Soft.Download a set of drivers suitable for your notebook and the operating system Windows XP.
Copy the files stored in the disk image to a folder XPSATA.Now download a utility called nLite.For its successful work, you'll need to install the .NET Framework version 2.0.Install nLite and run it.
Select Russian language and click "Next".Specify the folder in which you unzipped image files.Click "Next".In the resulting window, select the following two points: "Drivers" and "boot image ISO».Click "Next".
In this window, click "Add" and select the folder in which there are pre-download the driver.Click the OK button after selecting the desired folder.
In the new window, select the option "driver in text mode."Choose the appropriate driver and then click OK.The next screen will display a list of drivers added.Click "Next" to move to the final stage of creating a new image.
screen will appear with the following question: "Do you want to start the process?".Click "Yes."Wait until the program integrates the necessary drivers to the archive system.Click "Next" after the completion of the process.
To record a new installation disk Windows XP, select Direct Burn and click "Record".
If you want to create a new image of the installation disc, then select Create Image, and then click "Create ISO».Select a folder to store the image of the future.
After recording the disc, restart your computer and start the installation of the operating system Windows XP.
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When you install Windows XP with a hidden partition you will not be able to break the physical disk into logical.This can be done from within Windows using special programs.
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