Acer laptop Go to the tab "Sound".To do this in the Control Panel in the right corner, click the icon that is responsible for setting the sound (it is often painted speaker).On the dialog box with several tabs.If this icon in the control panel is not, click on the button "Start".Select "Settings" and then "Control Panel."In the window, among other settings, search for "sound and technology."This module can also have another name - it depends on the operating system of your notebook.
Go to the tab "Record" - it is responsible for the built-in microphone.If it is, you will see the corresponding icon.Click on it either by clicking the "Properties".
In the settings window microphone, make sure that all parameters are correctly included.In t
he "General" tab, make sure that the string "The use of the device" contained the "Enable."Go to the "Levels" and move the sliders in the block "Microphone" and "Microphone Boost" to the maximum.Click "Apply" and test the microphone.
Test microphone can be using a standard utility Windows Ā«Recording" in the "Start" menu.Press record speech, save and try to replicate.In case of failure, try to set up "Burst Mode", which is responsible for the volume of the audio.To do this, go to the sound settings and in the tab "Advanced" put a tick in the submitted claims.Test the microphone again.
again if the result is not, try to update the driver of the controller.This can be done in the same sound settings in the "General" tab, by clicking the "Properties" icon opposite the "controller".