you need
  • few laptops, cable "twisted pair", additional network card, crimping tool.
To create a network between laptops is enough to have two laptops and one PC (main).Will be supplied to the computer network internet, the other links of the chain will capture the flow of the Internet from the host computer.To connect the notebook to a network enough network of one network card, which is in every laptop .Therefore, you need another computer on which you can install two network cards.One will be responsible for getting traffic on the Internet, and the other will serve as a conduit between network th Internet and shared ne
twork th.
You will need a cable "twisted pair" if there is no ready-cable, you can purchase it.For its production, use the crimping tool, which can be purchased at the same place where buying cable.After connecting a laptop or PC, right-click on the icon "My Computer".Go to the tab "Computer Name", click "Edit".In the window that opens, check the box opposite the item "Working Group", enter any name in Latin letters, press the "OK" button.
Right-click the icon for the local network, select "Properties".In the next window, click "Properties".In the new window, select "Internet Protocol (TCP / IP)ยป, then click "Properties".In the field "Use the following IP-address", enter the value 192/168/001 / xxx.Instead of xxx put any number from 1 to 255.
the same manner used to configure a second computer in the network.All parameters remain unchanged, except for IP-addresses.On the second and subsequent notebooks address value must be different.For example, the last 3 digits of the address of the host computer 001, and the laptop can deliver 002, etc.
After rebooting, two cars, a local network will actively work.