you need
  • OS Windows 7.
applet Open "Control Panel» Windows, which allows you to change the design options for the GUI operating system - its short title "Personalization"."Control Panel", you can start by selecting from the main menu of the OS (the button "Start") point of that name.In the main window of the program there is a section called "Appearance and Personalization", and in it - a reference to "Changing the subject."Click on this link, and the desired Control Panel will open in a separate window.
Start ego can be other ways.For example, press Win and type on the keyboard "Persian".After that, open the mai
n menu of the operating system displays a list of search results, see "Control Panel," which will have the same link "Change themes" - click on her arm.And you can use the desktop context menu - click the background image, right-click and select the list that appears select "Personalize."
The open any of the methods described window icons are placed in the operating system installed themes.They are divided into several groups.Design options «Windows 7 - easy style" is placed at the last in the list of group "Basic simplistic themes and topics with high contrast."To change it, just click the left mouse button any other icon in the list.
If your computer is running Windows 7 "Home Basic," the change it is not provided.Also in this case the Aero theme may not be available due to lack of performance of video card.OS itself evaluates this option and sometimes is mistaken if the system is not set to the correct device driver.In this case, update the driver from the manufacturer or from a disk set from purchased video.