you need
  • Laptop screwdriver "+", a removable battery.
Unplug the laptop from the power supply, remove the main battery (the battery), which is located on the back side of the notebook.Turn the laptop to remove the battery.Use a screwdriver to smoke all the screws that secure the cover on the back side of the notebook.You will see a part of the motherboard, CPU and cooling system.We are looking for a small power supply round shape.If not, we continue to disassemble further.
Unscrew the screws to remove the entire back side of the notebook.You will see the rest of the motherboard and the hard drive.If there is no battery, then proceed to the dismantling of the front of the notebook.
Open notebook, move the monitor as far as possible, so as to form an angle of 180 degrees.Remove the small panel, which usually is a power button and indicators.Now you need to remove the keyboard, using any subtle and sharp object.Some keyboards are fastened with screws.Disconnect the cables that come with the monitor and keyboard, remove the aluminum plate.If there were no batteries, then there is one more option.
Remove the hard disk drive and usually it's the last place of dislocation batteries that lurk. old battery can be removed using a thin, sharp object.Replace the old battery a new one.Gather your laptop in the reverse order.If the assembly of laptop you have any further details, that would have to take it apart, becauseassembly involves the return of every detail in place.