Not all the useful tips

Set a password on a laptop will help protect confidential information and block unauthorized access to the various programs, folders or files.However, if you forget the password or lost paper on which was written the password - access will be closed to you the same way as for the rest.Well, there is an opportunity to return access to your laptop with all the stored data.

On the Internet a lot of advice - both useful and not so - about how to repair or bypass the forgotten password.For example, a method of removing useless files SAM *.After removing these files, you can run into big problems.In this case, the system boots a system error occurs, which reports that the notebook can not be switched on and need to reboot in safe mode.After pressing "OK", the system reboots, but
again, you get this error - and so on to infinity.Ends is usually a complete reinstallation of the operating system (with the loss of all data).

reset the password through a secure startup mode

recover passwords should be more humane ways.For example, you should first check the password hint (which is located on the welcome screen next to the field for entering a password).If the tip did not help remember the password, then you need to go through an administrator account and create a new password.

First you need to restart your notebook.Once the system is activated, you need to press F8 (the key can be different depending on the brand of laptop).Further, the Advanced Options menu system to choose "Safe Mode".Then select the built-in account "Administrator" (by default it is not password protected).After loading the desktop displays a warning that the system is running in Safe Mode.Click "Yes" to close the message box.

Then you need to go to "Control Panel" via the "Start" button and select 'User Accounts'.Next, you need to reset the password for your account through the item "Change Password".To change the password you need to enter and confirm a new password.If a password is not necessary, leave it blank - the password will be reset.

to save the settings you need to click "Change password."Close the window "Control Panel", reboot the notebook - ready.Now when the system boots, enter the new password, and Windows will start.

You can also reset your password by using various software tools.Usually they are written to disk, or a USB flash drive connected to the computer, and then the program removes the password yourself.