At first glance, include bluetooth (bluetooth) on a laptop Asus is very simple: click on a button, and everything is included. Bluetooth (bluetooth) driver - a software that helps the operating system to get control of Bluetooth. But it is only at first glance.To enable Bluetooth drivers are required, especially if the operating system has been installed on their own, not the manufacturer.

drivers to enable Bluetooth

As mentioned above, in order to activate the connection Bluetooth, you need to download drivers.But if the manufacturer made a bid for the 64-bit system, for the 86-bit system drivers may not be. bit Windows OS from the two 32-bit and 64-bit.A 86-bit - this is the second designation of a 32-bit word length. therefore fail to turn on Bluetooth.In this case y
ou need to reinstall the operating system from 86-bit to 64. To check bit operating system, you need to click the right mouse button on the icon "My Computer".In the window that opens, select "Properties". If this is OK, you should start looking for drivers on a laptop Asus.They have everything on the official website of the manufacturer sorted by model.Downloading from other sites is undesirable, since the file can be viruses.

If your personal laptop (computer) is Windows 7 or Windows 8, then they can be set to Bluetooth drivers than Windows XP or Windows Vista.CD with drivers in some cases, can be sold with a laptop.Check out: maybe you have it somewhere lies.

Even in cases when the operating system was originally installed by the manufacturer on a Bluetooth drivers may not have.Once you have them downloaded and installed, try to connect.

Enabling Bluetooth

most often to activate the Bluetooth connection must be pressed with the fn key and f2.Depending on the modification of the laptop, the second button may be different.This usually shows antenna.To quickly enable bluetooth side of the case has a special button.

If the above said ways to implement the connection fails, you can try the following sequence of actions:
1. Click "Start."
2. Choose "All Programs."
3. Open the folder "Standard".
4. Locate the icon Bluetooth.

You can choose to download the program to include Bluetooth, if none of the above methods no results.