What is a touchpad?

Home "trick" works with a laptop is that it necessarily be connected to the mouse - to control the cursor in a notebook, you can use the touch panel, which is also called a touchpad.But there are situations when touch panel is out of order, and work properly with the laptop has not come out.

touchpad - a touch panel that reacts to movement of the user's fingers and moves the cursor.First, this device seems uncomfortable, but get used to it quickly and it seems that it is even better computer mouse.But this is the main problem - the user gets used to the touch pad and mouse no longer enjoys.Suddenly touchpad stops working.A mouse is not at hand.And what do you do in this case?

We are looking for the cause of damage to the touch panel

Most often touch panel does not respond to touch because of the pollution.Clean
ing the touchpad made using soapy swab, then it should be wiped with a damp cloth and let it dry.Do not forget that the panel does not respond to fatty or wet hands.

also a problem with the panel may occur when its setting is set too high sensitivity.Change these settings can be in "Mouse" control panel.

If you do not work are not the whole panel, and some of its features - scroll or move the cursor - it is necessary to check the availability of drivers for the touch panel.To do this, you need to go to the properties of the shortcut "My Computer" and select "Device Manager."If the touchpad does not appear there - perhaps it is not the driver install.You can find the driver on the disk that comes with the laptop or on the manufacturer's website.It is important to driver version was higher than 1.0.Quite often, the standard drivers are installed correctly.

If the touch pad does not work as a whole, you first need to check the simplest things.For example, the touchpad can be easily disabled.Enable touchpad in several ways:

- use a combination of Fn + one of the keys F1 to F12;

- use the on / off button touchpad (if any);

- to include a touch panel with the utility, which is hidden in the system tray;

- turn off the mouse, which automatically include the touchpad.

And the last option - it is something that the touch panel is broken.Over time, everything goes down.

So, to determine the cause of malfunction of the touch panel to exclude first the simplest of reasons, and if all else fails - even then you need to contact the service center.