you need
  • - computer;
  • - internet;
  • - program ProcessMonitor.
To solve this problem, you need to make some adjustments in the system.Click "Start" in the bottom corner of the screen and scroll to "Run."You will be in the computer's registry.Type in cmd, and press Enter on your keyboard.Start a command prompt.You need to enter commands in Latin letters.
Type mode com1 and press enter on your keyboard.This command sets the properties of the port: the speed, length, speed, and so forth. If this port is busy, the utility will report this as an error.If the port is available, the system will notify you of this.In this menu you can config
ure all the parameters of a specific port on the computer.
To find out what program to take a com port, go to the website and download the program ProcessMonitor in computer memory.Typically, such software must be installed in the system directory as a local drive on your PC.Run the application.Click Find and type the parameter \ Device \ Serial0, and then press Enter on your keyboard.The program takes some time (very little) for the job.
com port for the notation RS-232C.Baud rate of com port is usually no more than 115,200 bits per second.In a modern operating system, this port is used as a channel for data transmission and is called COM1, COM2, and so on.Some communication devices (such as bluetooth) may use the name of the port to have a name in the system.Also worth noting is that many computer users are not enough com ports.You can use a special device called a "daisy."