consider removing the password option on the laptop in general.The password entry screen appears on the initial boot device before booting Windows.If you know the password and you want to just turn it off, press Del or F2 (depends on the version of the motherboard) at the start laptop , enter the password and enter the BIOS.Select "Change Password", or Change Password, enter the old password, and save your changes.
can reset the password and mechanically.Remove the bottom cover laptop , unscrewing a few screws.Look for a small battery in the form of a tablet.Remove it from the slot and close contacts.This can be done with a screwdriver, which you understand the laptop.Install the battery on its
original position and turn on the laptop.
If we are talking about the password set at the entrance to the operating system, then you need to perform a certain number of actions.It should immediately be noted that this method is only for Windows XP and earlier versions of the OS, aswhen you create a Windows Vista and Windows Seven, this "hole" has been corrected.Restart your computer, pressing the Reset.You will see a window with a choice of boot options.Select "Safe Mode Windows».
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When the operating system is booted in safe mode, you'll get a window with multiple accounts, among which will be a new account named "Administrator".The password for this user does not have to be installed.Log into the operating system using this account.
Open "Control Panel" and scroll to "User Accounts."Select "Manage another account."Select your account and click the "Delete password".Restart the computer in normal mode and log on using the old account.