If you have never worked with Linux, do not rush to remove Windows - let your computer temporarily coexist both OS.But if you're determined to get rid of Windows, you have several ways to remove the operating system.
easiest and most reliable way is to use the program Acronis Disk Director.Find the version of the program runs from the CD-ROM at startup.Acronis Disk Director does not only allow you to quickly and easily remove Windows, but also help to prepare the disk for the installation of another operating system.
3 Insert a CD with the program Acronis Disk Director in the drive, restart your computer.At the time of system startup, select the boot from the CD, most computers to display the menu, select the boot device mu
st press F12.Select boot from the CD.After the menu opens the CD, run Acronis Disk Director.When the program starts, select the pop-up dialog box to manual mode.
After starting the program you will see a window with a list of available drives on your computer.If you just want to remove Windows, click the mouse with the operating system installed drive, then select the left menu option "Format".Click the checkered flag at the top of the program window, and confirm the operation.Disc installed OS is formatted.Remember that this will delete all the files on the disk being formatted.
The need for formatting a disk may also occur in the event that if you stood Windows 7 and want instead to install Windows XP.If the disk is not formatted during the installation of Windows XP can cause problems.To ensure that you avoid them, select a program full formatting options.
You can format the disk with Windows and other OS installation phase.For example, when you install Windows XP directly from a CD, you will see a menu listing the available drives on your system.At this stage, you can format the disk on which you will install the OS.
can remove Windows from another operating system.In this case, simply remove unnecessary files and tweak the OS boot record to the remote operating system is not displayed in the list of boot computer .
If you bought a laptop with Windows and instead want to put Linux (very common situation), uninstall Windows may be installed by means of the distribution Linux.Just run Linux boot CD-ROM and in the organization of the file system menu, select the disk formatting.