Tip 1: How to install a second operating system

need to install a second operating system arises when one operating system can not cope with some problems, but also acting OSes still required to perform any work.Install the second operating system in addition to the basic - really.
To get started is to say that the installation of a second operating system to a computer with the current operating system and one sector on the hard drive - a risky business.You can lose both the operating system and, therefore, documents and files are transferred to another drive will be quite problematic.To avoid this, we recommend that you save all the files on the CD / DVD-drives and flash drives, then format the hard disk and divide it into slices, and only then install two operating alternately sistemy.S all just the first step: to save allyour valuable photos, documents, databases, music, and other files on removable drives and USB flash drive since while formatting the PC still will be deleted.
In the second step, you want to format
the hard disk and break it down into sectors, or parts.Typically the two parts - "C" and "D".To break the hard drive into sectors need to download Partition Magic.Write it on a disc with auto.Download the BIOS (by pressing Del / F2 / F8 during startup of the computer), and then boot priority settings to boot from the floppy drive, save the changes.Restart your computer, and insert the disk with Partition Magic.In the menu, select a quick format, using the file system NTFS;Further break HDD to the desired number of sectors (e.g., 2 or 3), preferably not less than 50 GB each.
After completing the operation, insert the disk with the distribution of the leading operating system and restart the computer.Will install the OS.Select a setting in the section "C" and follow the steps on the screen.After installing the first operating system, restart your computer and insert at this point in the CD with the second operating system.The second OS install is similar to the first, using the clues on the screen, but in another sector - "D".

Tip 2: How to install two operating systems on one disc

On one drive computer, you can install more than one operating system, and as much as necessary.Typically, games and works quite two operating systems on one computer.And quite successfully, you can combine such different systems on architecture , the family of Windows and Linux-like systems .With this combination of systems necessarily require pre-split your hard drive sections.Installing the OS on the second disk begins no earlier than the boot loader Acronis OS Selecter.This utility will deliver the disk boot area a menu to select all of the available computer systems.
How to install two operating systems on one disc
you need
  • Application Partition Magic, utility Acronis OS Selecter, a bootable CD OS.
Before installing a second operating system on your computer, select it on a hard drive e space requirements - a new section.For this application, use Partition Magic, or use the built-in fdisk utility of the system .
new partition file system must comply with the architecture of the operating system you intend to put together with the existing system.So for the Windows operating system distributed file NTFS and FAT-32, and for Linux should ask one of the varieties of file systems Ext2fs.
allocate a separate partition for the new operating system, install the utility loader Acronis OS Selecter on your computer.This utility provides the user with a graphical menu in a choice of operating system installed on the computer.
After installing Acronis OS Selecter, restart your computer.When the new boot, you will see a menu where you can select download options: your OS or boot from a disk Ety.Once installed on your computer a second operating system in this menu will be displayed even one point.Thus, you can choose between two systems installed at the desired moment, and the installer will load it up.
Reboot and install a bootable CD with a new operating system in the usual way.After installing a second operating system with the new boot menu appears select the boot loader.Select your desired arm OS you wish to download.Now you have the two operating systems on one drive e.
Sometimes, after installing the new operating system Acronis loader ceases to run, and immediately loading the second OS.In this case, again in the new OS install utility Acronis OS Selector.Then restart your computer.


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