Tip 1: How to change the order of loading Windows

Many users install multiple operating systems.When you start your computer, a list of available operating systems, select the default time is 30 seconds.It is not very convenient, so you should set it to boot Windows.
Installing two or more operating systems, significantly increases the reliability of information storage, provides more opportunities for the recovery of the computer with a serious failure.But if loaded by default is not the system that you have, we have to choose it manually and press Enter.However order download Windows can be easily changed.
Open the "Start" - "Control Panel" - "System" - "Advanced" - "Startup and Recovery."You will see a drop-down list of operating systems and put up for the time of their choice.Expand the list and select the operating system that should be loaded by default.The list usually corresponds to the menu that you see when you start the system - for example, if you need a second OS in the starting list, here select the second.
select Change time from 30 seconds to 3 three seconds is enough to make, if necessary, selecting a different operating system.You can even remove the boot list by removing the bird from the line "Display list of operating systems."In this case, once selected you will load the OS.But this is not recommended, since the collapse of the system or other problems, you will not be able to boot from the second OS.
Do not remove the bird from the line "Display options for recovery."The display time leave to 30 seconds.If you have problems with downloading, you can press F8 and choose from the menu to select the appropriate restore option.For example, the "Last Known Good Configuration."
Many users, in addition to Windows, installed on the computer operating system Linux.Loader in this case is usually Grub, at the start of the boot menu appears, in which the first is Linux, then Windows.To change this, find the file /boot/grub/menu.lst and edit it by changing the name of the operating system it places.After such changes the default boot Windows.

Tip 2: How to change the boot order

Reorder to download the torrent client allows you to set the priority of a specific file, so it will be loaded at a higher rate than the rest of the documents.
How can I change the boot order
you need
  • Computer, torrent client, access to the Internet.
Reorder download via the navigation bar.When running a torrent client pay their attention to the toolbar that is located at the top of an open window.Here you will see all kinds of labels, among which you will need only two of them - the icon arrows pointing up (decrease serial number download ) and the icon of the arrow pointing down (the increase in the sequence number download ).To put a specific file in the queue first, highlight it and then click on the icon with an arrow that points upward.
Reorder load in the absence of the navigation bar.If the torrent client does not display the navigation bar (which is found in some versions of the program), you can specify the file sequence number as follows.Right-click on the downloadable document and click on the option "Up in the queue."Thus, the file will be assigned a sequential number paramount.
order to achieve maximum speed while downloading a file from a torrent tracker, you can assign a priority.To do this, right-click on the download file and move the cursor to "Assign a priority."In the window that appears, set the "High".In this case, when a packet is loaded a major advantage over the other will be precisely the file.
  • how to change the operating system


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