you need
  • computer, flash drive, Windows Xp Live CD / USB Edition, the program UNetbootin, internet access
To start, you need the flash drive, preferably capacity8 gigabytes.It all depends on the version of Windows, you'll run.The most convenient way to download a special stripped-down version of the Internet.For example, Windows Xp Live CD / USB Edition.This means that the operating system will boot from a flash drive.
Once you have downloaded the correct version of Windows, format your flash drive.Then download the program UNetbootin.It helps to write down Windows on a USB flash drive.After downloading, install the program on your computer.Run it.Find the line "Disk
Image" and select ISO.On the contrary line "Image file" is the file-browsing button.Click this button and specify the path to the Windows.
find in the program the line "type" and specify "Device USBĀ».On the contrary line "carrier", select the flash drive on which to install Windows, and then click OK.Will start the recording process of the operating system on the flash drive you specify.Upon completion of the process, Windows will be installed on a USB flash drive.
Now enter the BIOS and turn on the ability to boot from USB-drive.Also select as the first trigger source of the flash drive.Save the BIOS settings and exit system.The computer restarts and begins the process of starting an operating system from a USB drive.