So, where to start?The easiest way to start with a diagnosis of your pet notebook.Sometimes the diagnosis is immediately striking: cracks in the housing and similar mechanical damage.Here, special qualifications of the repairman is not required, and the need imagination, free time and the ability of the designer.To seal all the damage you can tape, electrical tape, epoxy resin.
more difficult, if they begin to falter peripherals.When the keyboard starts to fail, it is likely violated Conductive track.Typically, such a disaster happens if inadvertently shed her anything.What should I do in this case?

A).Turn off computer.

B).Use a screwdriver to disconnect the keyboard.

B).Rinse it with distilled water.

D).Dry with a hair dryer.Post a dry day or two.
If all the above steps do not help, it is necessary to rebuild Cond
uctive tracks.

a) and b) in this case is no different from previous ones.

B).Disassemble the (use for that thin "hour" with a screwdriver).

D).Remove the elevators, which are mounted on the keys.

D).Remove the aluminum substrate with a plastic card with painted her Conductive tracks (three plastic cards - with two lanes, one empty, creating a gap).

E).With the help of a knife for cutting cardboard share the board, glue, with which they stick together, preheat with a hair dryer.

F).Determine the damaged track (often they can be seen with the naked eye, but if not, use the tester).Damaged track draws again Conductive glue, whom typically reduced track to warm up the rear window of the car.

B).We check the quality of the work done with the help of the tester.And) Putting the keyboard, by reversing the steps a), b), c), d), e) and f).
However, before taking independent repair your laptop, think, and not to be trusted with less skilled job?In the end, technology is not cheap.

In cases of more complex damage laptop than the above-described embodiments, it is highly recommended not to try to repair the equipment yourself, and immediately show it to a specialist.