Open the main menu of the operating system if it is necessary to remove from the section remaining after uninstalling the application software s.Go to this section and click on the right mouse button.In the popup context menu, select "Delete" and confirm the query in the affirmative answer - click the "Yes".
Run the file manager if you want to clean your hard drive of unnecessary files that remain after removing the program s.In Windows, this can be done by pressing the key
board shortcut Win and E. Go to the Program Files folder on the system drive - in its default application programs s place their catalogs.Locate a folder, whose name matches the name of the remote s programs and click it once with the mouse.To delete a directory with all its contents in the basket, click Delete, and for final disposal (bypassing the recycle bin) use the keyboard shortcut Shift + Delete.
Go to the folder called ProgramData - it is placed at the same level directory hierarchy as Program Files.It applied programs s store temporary files used in the process data.As in the previous step, find and delete the folder, related to a non-existent program e. If your version of the operating system directory ProgramData not, then the appropriate folder with temporary data to be found in a directory called Application Data.It is placed in the folder, the name of which corresponds to your account (by default - Admin), and this folder, in turn, is inside the Documents and Settings directory of the system drive.
Start Registry Editor Windows, if out of it, too, want to remove unused entries uninstalled programs s.This can be done by pressing the keyboard shortcut Win + R and typing regedit, and pressing Enter.Use keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + F, to open the search dialog, and then enter the name of the remote s program or a part thereof, and then click "Find Next."When the editor will find the registry entries related to a program ie, before deleting them be sure that this is exactly what is needed - to undo the Registry Editor is not provided.
Use for cleaning the registry specialized programs s - they have a search function, and delete records that do not belong to any of the installed programs .Find an application on the Internet is not difficult - for example, it may be a free version of the program s Uniblue RegistryBooster (