choosing a laptop, should come before all of your requests.All manufacturers of notebooks divided their models on the family: home and office, gaming and image, etc.Within each family, in turn, there is a division in the formats: laptops can be small, medium and large format.

Home (aka multimedia) laptops, as the name suggests, are designed for home use and are designed primarily for entertainment.They are functional, characterized by striking design, as a rule, are equipped with touch panels, remote controls, a large number of connectors for home use, such as: Dual headphone out,
HDMI-port for connecting to a TV, a multiformat card reader, etc.

Office notebooks - the workhorses that differ strictly neutral design, which do not have specific multimedia elements.From works nothing should distract, so in such models of laptops emphasis on ergonomics and enhanced design.They boast high performance and energy-intensive battery.

Game, that is, gaming laptops - a model with an aggressive design and the most powerful graphics cards and processors.In gaming laptops enhanced cooling system and always optimized keypad (highlighted game keys WASD).Also big different "fast" screen (allowing dynamic scenes are not lubricated).Such models are extremely expensive, and acquire them for some other purposes - especially for work - it makes no sense.

Ambient laptops - computers is a premium feature sleek design, as a rule, made of expensive materials (leather, glass, metal).This status model, designed primarily to emphasize consistency and good taste of the owner.

Of course, the market can find a lot of models that do not fit into any of the above categories do not have a strong positioning.These laptops are versatile and are particularly good as the sole family computer, which if necessary, can take with you to a business meeting, or use for entertainment.