One port for all.The new MacBook is only one port USB.It is a new type of USB-C.This is a very fast and balanced port.Stick a flash drive into a wrong will be impossible.Charging also goes through him.Why Apple declined to a large number of nests?The fact is that the Cupertino-based company is pushing users to use cloud technologies and wireless connections.So either the printer or flash drive you do not need.The external monitor is also connected via the USB-C.Mouse and an external keyboard, if required, be connected via Bluetooth.
new MacBook does not have a cooler!That's really good news.Now, the laptop will not be quiet.This was possible only
by using new Intel processors fifth generation platform Broadwell.The most important advantage of these chips is heat about 4-5 watts.That's why the new MacBook and the fan is not needed.

Pros and can continue.The new screen, a new and improved touchpad ... but you look at them in brochures and on the website of the manufacturer.It is better to list the cons, there are hardly tell.

  • performance of the new MacBook not up to par.Similarly, the speed of its predecessor had back in 2011.However, there are two points.The first tests were carried out by individual users and can not claim to be objective in full.Second, even if this is so, the negative low positive performance easily covered by the lack of noise cooler.In the end, not for playing 3D games buy these notebooks.

  • high price.In Russia, it will start from 99 990 rub.

  • Battery life of 9 hours.MacBook Air with a slightly larger screen sizes, 13-inch, can work out as much as 12 hours.