you need
  • CD with the Windows installation files and a bootable floppy disk with Windows 98 files in case of problems.
carried out preparatory work before installation, iecheck the equipment is compatible with your version of Windows, check the documentation for installing Windows.Then, create a partition on the hard drive and format it using the Fdisk and Format.Remember that for the installation of the Windows distribution and its normal operation requires at least 400 MB of free disk space.
ready to install the operating system.To begin, insert the CD-ROM with Windows installation files to the device to read data from a CD or DVD-ROM drive.
Turn on the computer and pressing the F8, run the boot command line (with support
for reading data from the disk drive).If your computer does not have an operating system MS-DOS or problems occur when you run the command line, you can create a bootable disk with Windows 98 support FAT32.
Run SMARTdrive, if it was not started automatically.At the command prompt, type the path of the folder in which it is located, and then type smartdrv, and then press Enter.If the program does not use the Windows installation files are copied to the hard drive with a very small rate.
the command prompt, type the command "Drive:" and press Enter («Drive" - ​​the letter identifying the drive that contains the installation disk Windows).Then enter «cd i386» and press Enter, and then enter the «winnt», and pressing Enter.After these steps, run the installation program Windows.
Enter the path to the installation files and start the installation process.Follow the instructions that appear on the screen, for example, when copying files to the hard drive, you will need to confirm the computer restart.
Format section of pre-prepared in the correct file system, then the installation to proceed.Next, you need another reboot, resulting in the Windows installation will continue through the graphical user interface.You just need to follow the instructions in the installation wizard.