you need
  • - computer;
  • - internet;
  • - Administrator rights.
Click on the "Start" button and select "Control Panel."Find the section "Registration" and click on it.You will be to setup graphic design Windows 7. Also can click on the label "My Computer", which is on the desktop PC.Further, the left side tab get called "Control Panel".
Scroll down the list on the left click "Edit Color Scheme" and click it.Open the window "Color and Appearance window" where you can select different color schemes with pre-selected combinations of colors of panels, windows and fonts.Operating systems, typically present an extensive assortment of various colors, which can be applied in the application software an
d the operating system itself.
If you are not satisfied with the choice of operating system, click on the "Other" at the bottom of the window.This will take you to fine-tune the graphic design.Here you can set the color for each element of the graphical environment Windows.
Click on the item "Element" to cause the entire list of elements whose color can be changed.Find the desired item and set the desired color.You can also select an item presented in the window at the top, just by clicking on it with your mouse.If this element is available font settings, menu buttons are activated.
There are various graphic mini-applications that change the desktop settings in a most peculiar way.You can find similar applications on the Internet, using search engines.However, it should be clearly understood that some programs may contain malicious code, so the reliability of the data using the licensed software.