Before you start choosing a laptop, decide what you need it.Depending on this, you will be guided by its capabilities and value.
Notebooks are divided into several groups - office, multimedia, gaming and image.Office laptop is suitable for simple applications and to communicate on the Internet.Multimedia PCs are more powerful and able to work with complex programs.Machines for games not only the performance but also the most expensive.A fashion laptops main thing - not the technical characteristics and appearance.When choosing a computer is worth paying attention to such components as CPU, RAM, motherboard, weight and size of the laptop.
difference between laptops from different manufacturers is
mostly only in the case.Therefore, the choice of the brand - a matter of taste.The rest of the specifications are strikingly different from each other.
display, of course, plays an important role when choosing a laptop.If you buy a computer for office or games, then you will approach a screen diagonal of 15.6 inches.If you intend to use the car on the road or travel, you can buy a laptop with a screen less than 15 inches.But if you need a very compact computer, better to choose a netbook.
plays an important role and high resolution screen.For example, for working with text suitable resolution XGA.For graphic work is preferable to WUXGA resolution or higher.Also, there are laptops with matte and glossy matrix.The most convenient of these glossy, as it almost did not glare and has a more powerful brightness.
main component of any laptop - processor.It is mainly oriented to the clock speed and cache memory.For office work will be sufficient 1.6 GHz and RAM of 512 to 1024 Mb.For games and graphic editors should choose a processor 2 GHz and memory of 2 Gb.
Pay attention to the type of video card in a laptop.For professional work with video games or volume is best to choose a hybrid video system.But for office work quite suitable integrated graphics.