format is a defining characteristic of the notebook.It depends on it just the screen size, ergonomic keyboard and weight.All existing notebooks to classify in three categories: small-format (with a screen of 11 "to 13"), medium format (from 14 "to 16") and large format (17 "to 19.1").

small-format laptops, obviously, are the most tiny and light, and therefore the most transportable.They are ideal for mobile use, daily transport to work or study for longer trips, travel, etc.Typically, different energy content, but they can not boast high performance.They can not serve as a full replacement and any acceptable alternative to a desktop PC.

Medium format laptops - a unit of the middle class, the smallest of which are good for regular transportation, and the largest of which can be used as a primary workplace.These laptops are quite versatile, can handle most common tasks, some models are equipped with powerful discrete graphics, so gamers will suit.
Finally, large-format notebooks - the most massive and heavy models designed for the organization full-time jobs.By heavy weight and massiveness not too suitable for mobile use, but for this purpose and are not intended.They differ most comfortable ergonomic keyboard similar to the desktop, and powerful configuration.

separate versions of laptops - Ultrabooks, a hybrid tablet and laptop superportativnogo, which appeared on the market in 2011.Ultrabooks - is ultra-thin devices with a screen diagonal of 13 to 15 inches, while having the full functionality of the computer.The most advanced models of ultrabooks can boast as long battery life - up to 24 hours.There are such devices expensive average laptop.