you need
  • - Administrator rights.
Click on the "Start" button to open the menu.Place your cursor on the program, recent files that you want to see and discover.If you are working in Microsoft Word, select the program from the list and move the mouse cursor on the item.Next menu is displayed with the latest documents.
If you want to know what the last pages have been opened in the browser, find the corresponding entry in the "Start" menu and move the mouse cursor on it.To the right of recording a list of recently opened pages on the Internet.If you have a list of recent enough to run the program, set the "Start" menu
.Right-click on the taskbar and go to "Properties".On the "Start Menu", click "Customize" at the top of the window.
Notice the bottom of the window "Customize Start Menu", "The size of the Start menu."There are two entries require editing the "Show recently used the program in the amount of:" and "Display the list of recently used elements of the transition in the amount:".The first refers to the number of programs on the shortcut menu, the second - the number of recently viewed files of this program.To clear these lists, set the field "Show the list of recently used elements of transition in an amount" equal to 0 and reboot.
In general we can say that view recently viewed files on a computer is not difficult.However, it should be noted that the list includes not usually more than 20 files that were last viewed.Over time, the list is cleared.Also, do not forget the fact that the recently viewed files included in the list of temporary files, so if you use a program for cleaning unnecessary data all recently viewed files are deleted.