What processor

essence of the processor is in fulfillment of a number of logical and arithmetic operations, and to monitor the entire system.Externally, the processor chip is rectangular and has a number of characteristics: clock frequency, bit rate, cache sizes, and nuclear weapons.

clock speed

Many people mistakenly believe this figure when selecting the main processor.Clock Speed ‚Äč‚Äčindicates the number of elementary operations performed per second, and is measured in gigahertz.And if you're not going to perform complex mathematical calculations, it is not necessary to buy a processor with a frequency higher than 2-4 GHz.Much the same clock frequency of the processor will overheat and, as a consequence, a noisy operation and may reduce battery life due
to the high energy consumption.


This indicator measures the number of received and processed information in a single cycle.To date, mainly produced 64-bit processors, which came to replace 32-bit.They retained the ability to run 32-bit software.However, to install a 64-bit operating system can only be equal to the bit processor.

benefit of this opportunity, in fact, is perceptible only in the implementation of a large number of tasks, such as on a server, because it gives the possibility to use more than 4 GB of RAM.Laptop is enough and 32-bit processor.

cache memory

cache improves the performance of the whole system and affect the computing speed.It is copied from RAM basic commands that are used most frequently, which accelerates processor potential access to them.Distinguish first cache memory (L1) and second (L2) level.

number of cores

Undoubtedly, the advantage of the four core processor to a single-core undeniable.And not so long ago, manufacturers have started to equip three or four cores and laptops.Nowadays with the advent of new software, more power is required, a single core may just be enough.N-core processors allow you to perform more demanding tasks simultaneously without compromising performance notebook.True, and the cost of this laptop dual-core will be much higher, for example.If current games and video programs are not the main purpose of using a laptop, the dual-core processor is enough.

Choose manufacturer

Today is a clear leader by Intel.But to focus only on these processors is not necessary.A worthy competitor in this market is the company AMD.

plus-minus have both brands.Intel products is more energy intensive and has a performance in games and applications is higher than the analog of AMD, asMost applications are written precisely at Intel.But, in contrast to the processor AMD, it is bad multitasking, when it comes to high-power applications - a maximum of two.AMD can cope with 3-4 applications.