you need
  • Laptop, special soft backpack
The most common case where laptop require urgent repair is moisture inside the case.So remember, when liquids are spilled on or off working laptop is an urgent need to clean it, preferably on the same day.Even if the laptop is, after "taking a bath", is still working, it does not mean that nothing happened.Corrosion is developing and that it leads to costly repairs laptop rather than a short-circuit.
for modern notebooks are characterized by a problem such as the failure of the card.The main reason for this failure is overhe
ating GPU, arising from dust clogging the cooling system.This occurs because most laptop owners do not carry out preventive cleansing, which is very important.To avoid such damage, it is necessary several times a year to clean the cooling system and the board from accumulating dust in them.
very common fault is a blown notebook motherboard chip "south bridge".Most often this occurs when breaking short circuit arises from the static electricity that builds up on the connected devices.To avoid this, you simply need to not touch the metal connector connecting USB-devices and PC-CARD.
Most notebooks are exposed to strong vibrations when they are transported.From it can move any chip on the motherboard, hard drive become damaged, and there is a lot of other unpleasant things.To neutralize the effects of vibration, you can simply transporting the notebook in a special soft backpack.By following these four simple rules, you will be able to reduce the risk of failure of the laptop, at least a few times, and also significantly extend the life of him .