you need
  • of Windows.
Press Win or click "Start" to open the main menu of the operating system.Click on the folder "All Programs" or simply hold the two seconds the mouse pointer hover over it - the folder opens in both cases, and you'll see a long list of all its contents.Scroll to the end, locate and open the section "Accessories".In him and put a link to launch the desired application ("Calculator") - click it.The next time you repeat the entire sequence is not necessary, because the link "Calculator" will be present in the list of recently used applications - you can see it immediately after opening the main menu
In modern versions of Windows to run this program easy to use internal search engine.As in the previous method, open the main menu of the operating system and immediately start typing keyboard word "calculator".Already after the second letter of the link will appear in the search results.To activate it, simply press the Enter key or click the mouse pointer inscription.
Another method may be implemented using dialogue to run programs.To access it, click on the main Windows menu command "Run" or use "hot keys» Win + R, designated by the command.Then type the name of the executable file of the calculator - calc.Click on the OK button or press Enter.This method works in all versions of the past 15 years, and in the last two, 7 and Vista, calling the dialogue run programs can be replaced by using the above-described built-in search engine.Enter in her window in the main menu, the name of the program file (calc), and the link to the file (calc.exe) see a single line of the search result.To start the program press Enter.