Laptop X11 really weighs significantly less than other models of this class - just 975, he was more than a hundred grams lighter nearest competitor, ultrabook Asus Zenbook.Exclusive and long-awaited model X11 has a complete set of options specific to any laptop.A processor configured for Ivy Bridge architecture and SSD-drive, having a capacity of 128 GB, providing faster boot and improved system performance.

innovative development owned by Gigabyte (, one of the market leaders in computer hardware and accessories.Organized in 1986 in Taiwan, the company has evolved into a powerful industrial holding company.The holding company includes two main divisions: Gigabyte Technology and Gigabyte Communications.Began oper
ation of only a few developers, today employs approximately 7,000 people.

the early stages of the company focused its efforts on the development and production of graphics cards and motherboards.This line of Gigabyte Technology provides up to now, and the products are highly regarded in the world of electronics due to its quality.The main direction of Gigabyte Communications - the production of smart phones and PDAs.By the way, the company has released the world's first device with a built-in TV tuner.In addition to these activities, Gigabyte has successfully mastered the production of laptops, desktop PCs, TV tuners, monitors, speakers, computer peripherals.

In the production company uses the most advanced technology to compete with other recognized market participants.In particular, to ensure a minimum weight of the notebook X11 has allowed the use of carbon (carbon fiber).This material is lightweight and high strength.The focus on innovation allows holding Gigabyte confidently lead the challenging market of high-tech devices.