The main area of ​​use is a netbook using the Internet and with simple applications.Netbooks are available in different designs, allowing the user to choose a classic design or choose a bright model that will attract the attention of others, and goes well with clothing accessories or car.

There are several options netbooks, which should pay attention to choose the right notebook.

  1. Screen.For work on the Internet and watching videos in principle sufficient 9-inch diagonal screen.To work with documents, texts, pictures and furthermore better to choose a model with a screen larger, and the keyboard it will be more convenient.Please note that the price of netbooks increases with decreasing diagonal screen - is a
    payment for the opportunity to put a full PC into a jeans pocket or purse.

  2. Battery.It determines the extent of your freedom when the grid is not available.A number of models up to 11 hours, but more capacious battery will significantly increase the weight of the computer, as well as its cost.Inexpensive models can operate without power for 2-4 hours.If you have a netbook is mainly indoors, the large capacity of the battery will not be useful.

  3. CPU power, RAM and disk capacity.The first two parameters for netbooks do not play a big role, because it is not designed to run demanding applications.But choose a notebook with a large enough hard drive - a means to provide adequate space for storing music and videos.

  4. ports.Most netbooks come with ports HDMI (allows you to connect an external monitor or TV), USB, card reader and interfaces wifi and bluetooth.All of these capabilities are used to communicate with other devices and computer networks, and are rarely superfluous.