size of the netbook is considerably less than that of notebooks.Netbooks are positioned as lighter devices are easier to carry compared with laptops.Laptops considerably lighter than their full-size laptops, they fit easily in a bag of medium size and often do not require additional cover.


Because of the smaller netbooks have a more modest measure of performance.Device manufacturers are forced to reduce the size of components used to develop new technologies and the interaction between the elements of the computer.As a result, the power unit drops significantly when compared with laptops - netbooks almost able to run complex graphics applications for low-power built into the graphics card, which can only play video
files and display images on the screen.

Thus, the function of these devices - work with office documents, browsing the Internet, run applications for graphics editing, and simple games. processor in such devices is also working on the basis of special technologies, significantly limiting the power.


power limit a positive effect on the work of the netbook without a mains connection.Modern devices are able to operate autonomously without having to charge more than 4-6 hours, which is significantly higher than laptops.

Other differences

Netbooks are a smaller number of USB-ports for connection of additional accessories - usually not more than 3 connectors.The devices have a smaller screen, which is rarely the HD resolution of the limitations of the graphics card.An important difference between netbooks is their price, which can start at $ 200 and not exceeding $ 1,000. There is a large range of vehicles that are equipped with shock and a waterproof case.

Netbooks are ideal for people who often work on the Internet.Thanks to all the necessary interfaces for Internet access (Wi-Fi and Ethernet), the device can be used in almost any place where a network is available.This unit is convenient to work with office documents, it is easy to carry, so the netbook will be indispensable for undemanding performance computer users.