Tip 1: How to fix bugs in the computer

newly installed operating system usually works quickly and smoothly.But over time, it is "cluttered" with unnecessary files, performance slows down considerably, there are a variety of failures.How to restore the normal operation of the computer?
to work on and then freezes the computer very inconvenient, if not impossible.First, open the "Start - Run", type msconfig, and click OK.This opens a window in it, select the tab "Startup" and remove the "birds" with the unwanted program.Many programs during installation prescribed themselves in startup, which increases the boot time and reduces its performance.If the name of a process, you do not know, just type it into Google or another search engine you use, and you get all the necessary information.
Open "Start - All Programs - Accessories - System Tools - Disk Defragmenter."Select the drive with the operating system and click "analysis".If it turns out that the drive needs defragmentation, click "Defragment".After defragmenting
the computer will run faster.
greatest number of errors in the computer is stored in the registry, so it needs regular cleaning.You can use this program Ccleaner, designed to clean the system of garbage, or any of the utilities to work with the system registry.Ccleaner program will allow you to clean the registry of unnecessary files that have arisen during the installation and removal of software, correct existing mistakes .In addition, with this program you can edit, and the Startup list.
In many cases, the cause of incorrect operation of the computer it is infecting virus or Trojans.Update your antivirus databases and perform a full scan of your computer.
If your computer refuses to boot, try pressing the F8 key at startup to select Last Known Good Configuration.If the computer still does not boot, then boot into Safe Mode.After downloading, you can try to restore the normal operation of the computer, remember what you did before, he can not boot.For example, set some program or the driver - in this case, cancel the installation and try to reboot normally.
In that case, if you can not boot even in safe mode, use the Live CD.This CD is a stripped-down, but it is a working operating system.You can download it directly from the disk, that will give you access to your folders and files.Retaining all important data, you can reinstall the operating system, to establish normal operation of the computer.

Tip 2: How to fix PC errors

In the event of any problems with a computer is very difficult to determine what is breaking - on hardware or software.However, there are a number of grounds on which mrzhno determine cause of the fault and repair it.
How to Fix PC Errors
Set in what is the fault of the computer.Failures due to incorrect operation of the software is usually solved by returning the operating system to its original state or to any previously created restore points.Most often they appear in the "freeze" the system unstable Windows and other components, and not starting the system when you turn on your computer.
If you have any malfunctions associated with the audio device, identify whether the problem is connected to the speaker or sound card.To do this, unplug the speakers from the computer and into the slot, insert the plug of the headphones or other playback device.If the sound still does not appear, check the device settings on your computer.Also, try to use another player to open a media file or other format.Update or reinstall the device driver.
If you have a problem with the image, check the condition of the wires connecting the monitor and video card.If your computer is running, and the image on the monitor is missing, note the color of the LED when it turned on and off.If the problem is with the monitor lamp will glow a dull orange.If the monitor is all right or on an inscription on the absence of the incoming signal, the problem is most likely in the video card.
Try to turn off your computer and its contents to clean the dust with a hair dryer or a vacuum cleaner.After cleaning it is better to hold a couple of hours off, and then check to see if the image.If nothing has changed, contact the service specialists of service centers to help you solve all the problems.
If you can not ascertain the cause of the malfunction by substituting other equipment, it is best to seek the services of a qualified technician.
Helpful Hint
Please reserve additional components for the computer to identify the causes of problems.
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