greatest damage to equipment can cause corrosive liquids.This includes sweet tea, coffee, juice, alcohol, soda and others. They can not just short-circuit the contacts, but also lead to burnout schemes.Aggressive fluid also lead to corrosion or oxidation of conductors, which will not be able to make regular water or unsweetened tea.

first steps

Once the moisture penetrated the laptop, it immediately must be disconnected from the network and remove the battery.When the state of oxidation state boards and chips will be much faster, thereby increasing the damage.It is better to lose unsaved document than all the equipment.

Then turn it over and place on a towel, thereby allowing the fluid to drain.This action can save the motherboard, so it will be necessary to repair only the ke

What to do next

After the liquid spilled out of the notebook, immediately take it to a service center.Time plays an important role here.Regardless of whether the laptop or not, oxidation it still happens every minute of corrosion damages a larger area of ​​the conductors.They eventually burn out completely.That is why you need as carefully as possible to dry the device.

important to note that independent repair laptop can lead to even greater damage, if not the necessary skills.You can try to repair the keyboard, if only she suffered, but the motherboard at home rather difficult to replace.

What else you need to know

should not hope that the liquid will evaporate by itself, without causing significant harm.Even if the laptop continued to work after to get wet, soon it will do its job - the equipment will have to be discarded.

This is even more true if you have spilled corrosive liquid.Maybe she spilled, but be sure to leave the sediment in the form of a syrup or a thin layer, the effects of which will be corroded wires and burnout.Moreover, the oxidation process may take as a day or several months.It depends on the nature and quantity of spilled liquids.

What is needed to prevent this from happening

extreme caution.Do not place the laptop near the fluid-filled cups, mugs, glasses or bottles open.In no case do not take it into the bathroom, swimming pool, beach and other places where it can get wet.