you need
  • of Windows.
The computer that is running Windows OS versions 7 and Vista, use to find the folder you want the standard file manager - "Explorer".To start it, use the item "Computer" from the main menu or double-click on the icon with the same name on the desktop.
To enter a search query interface "Explorer" of these OS versions added a special entry field - it is located at the top right edge of the window.In this field you see the words "Search for: Computer," but when you click the mouse, it disappears.Enter a name for the folder.The program will search for an
d display the results before you finish the set.
Wait for the list of results shows the desired folder, and navigate to it by clicking this line twice.
In search operation around the computer can take a long time - "Explorer" you want to see hundreds of thousands of objects.You can at times reduce this time, if the first will be taken to a particular disk that contains the folder.Better yet, get to the search area as close as possible in the directory tree in the left pane of the "Explorer".
can use "hot keys" to begin the search procedure - press combination Win + F, and displays the same file manager with a proposal to enter a search query.However, in this case, the search will be carried out only in the "elite" - it will end quickly and without results.Under the message "The objects that meet the search criteria is not found," you will see the message "Repeat search" and set.Choose among these "Computer" and "Explorer" will begin to re-combing, returning you to the above step three.