order to computer and today day began yesterday, a day is necessary to "unwind" its system time.This can be done from the BIOS settings panel at the next boot the computer as well as of the operating system.The second method is much easier, so try to start changing the system time with him.In Windows, click the left mouse button on the digital clock in the lower right corner of the screen - in the notification area of ​​the taskbar.This action is the latest versions of the system - Windows 7 and Vista - opens a window with a
n analog clock and calendar.
Click the inscription "Change date and time settings" - it is placed under the calendar and clock and is designed to access the correct setting of the system clock.
tab "Date and Time" (it opens by default) seek the appropriate button for a long time do not have to - it says "Change date and time."Click this button to open another window in which duplicated calendar and clock, but this time, their testimony can be changed.
In the calendar, click your mouse on yesterday's date, and it is possible to complete the operation.If you want to change and time, do it in a box under the analog clock.Then click the OK button in this window, and the next.
In earlier versions of Windows, the steps a little bit different.In Windows XP, double-click on the digital clock in the system tray, and right after that you can begin to change the date and time - these settings are opened without further intermediate windows.
There is another way to open the component with the date and time that the same applies to different versions of Windows.It lies in the "manual" call to the desired component of the operating system file name.Press the key combination Win + R, enter the file name timedate.cpl and click on OK.